Hair Transplant is performed by one of the most esteemed Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik at Olmec The Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre in Delhi. With his special Hair Transplant Team and Unique hair, Transplantation Methods Hair transplant has become a life to change Experience for a patient suffering from Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness.


Hair Transplant is performed by a Plastic surgeon having all facilities at one place. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant centre in Delhi has no other branches. All the procedure and consultation regarding hair restoration are done at Olmec in Pitampura, New Delhi.


Hair Loss and Hair restoration in Delhi


Hair loss in Males has become one of the common scenarios due to today’s stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. With irregular diet and stress factor, the major population is nowadays affected by Hair Loss problem. Hair loss also occurs due to some hereditary problem this condition is called androgenic alopecia. Male pattern Baldness is becoming very common and about 50% men suffer from some kind of hair loss problem at the age of 20, 30.


Male Pattern Baldness is caused due to the male hormone called dihydrotestosterone which shrinks hair follicles, after thinning of hairs, Which affects the self-confidence and self-esteem of a patient suffering from hair loss.


The Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT Hair Transplant Delhi Procedure


Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT involves the patient to put in local anaesthesia and remove the follicular strip from the back of the scalp. After which the scalp is sutured and a strip of hair grafts is taken under a microscope and then the tissue is striped in small pieces called hair follicles or hair grafts.


In FUT Method a linear scar is left with trichophytic closure performed on the back of the scalp, which gets invisible after some time with the growth of hair at the back of the scalp.


Advantages of Hair Transplant in Delhi at Olmec


  • Hair transplant at Olmec increases the chances of harvesting maximum hair follicles in single Hair Transplant Session which is more the 4000 grafts.
  • Hair Follicles harvested are of good quality and damage to hair grafts gets minimised due to the skilled hair transplant team.
  • Hair Transplant at Olmec is Affordable and more effective with the use of FUT hair Transplantation method then FUE.




Hair transplant cost in Delhi at Olmec


Before cost and price is decided a face to face consultation is required. Due to the growing technology and with the help of Skype and Whatsapp Hair Transplant Consultation has become more easy and convenient. International patient from across the world can now consult Dr Narendra Kaushik by Skype : Olmecplasticsurgery


Hair transplant cost is fixed for single hair grafts at 30/- Per graft in FUT hair restoration and 40/- Per graft in FUE Hair Transplant. The total cost of hair transplant is decided after the evaluation of hair grafts harvested which is calculated prior to the surgery.


Hair Transplant in Delhi at Olmec Results

Hair transplant outline can be visible after the surgery but harvested hair follicles take time to grow (Approx 8 to 9 Months) giving 100% natural Hair.


Recovery Time for Hair Restoration

With advancement in Anti biotic medicines, Hair Transplant Recovery has become easy and you can leave centre after the hair transplant though if you want to stay you can stay with us for a night or two with in-house bed facility Olmec is one of its kind centre in India. You can get back to work after 1 week.

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