Female Hair Transplant in Delhi is one thing that Dr Kaushik thinks should get more attention. Female Hair Transplantation requires more attention and at utmost care and should be performed by specialized female Hair Transplant surgeon. Dr Narendra Kaushik over past 14 years have operated many female hair transplant patient. Since Female Hair loss is very low female hair transplantation is not so common procedure performed

Female Hair Loss Pattern and Causes

Before going through female hair transplantation and cost we should study the Female pattern baldness and reasons behind the balding.  Women also suffer from hair loss and needs Hair transplantation hair loss in female is termed as Female Pattern Hair loss (FPHL). In a survey conducted for hair loss inwomen showed that about 50% of women when reach at the age of 50 experience FPHL and actually 40% of female at the age of 80 reach with hairs.


Female Pattern Hair loss (FPHL) and  Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) are different things, MPB begins gradual reduction of frontal hairs and reach up to the crown area. Male Pattern Baldness is caused due to the excessive production of androgens in the body. Female also can experience MPB type Hair Loss if production of androgen are more.  So what exactly causes Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Reason for Female Pattern Hair Loss is not well unknown but following can be factor causing hair loss.

  • It is not yet clear that Androgen can cause hair loss (FPHL). But a large number of women feel that after menopause their hair has started thinning.
  • Aging must also be an important factor in Hair loss in men and women both.
  • FPHL is dependent on genes. Thus FPHL may be inherited from parents having Hair loss History. This could be Male Pattern Baldness or Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Figure showing Female Pattern Baldness

Female Hair Loss Pattern can be treat with following

Female Hair Transplantation Surgery Procedure

                Most of Female hair transplant are performed at Top Crown area unlike from male pattern hair loss female suffers from hair loss and hair thinning in top crown area.  Hence there is less focus on Hair line. But if it is required then hair transplantation is done in frontal area and Frontal hairline in female is “U” shaped.  The Concept that was used in creating Frontal Hairline in male is used here in making frontal line in female putting hair grafts with 1-2 hairs in frontal hairline to give natural look. And putting hair grafts with3-4 hair in it at the top of crown where hair started thinning.

Female Hair Transplant Method

Both the Method Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT Hair Transplant) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE Hair Transplant) can be used in Female Hair Restoration. Opting for specific Hair Restoration Method depends upon the requirement of grafts needed in female hair transplant surgery. If requirement of graft is less than 2000 grafts one can opt for FUE hair transplant method. Professional Plastic Surgeons prefers FUT Hair Transplant method because quality of grafts produced in FUT hair transplant is good compared to FUE Hair Transplant. If requirement of graft is more than 2000 then FUT hair transplant method is used because it is quick and result in 100% successful hair transplant. Dr Kaushik with his trained hair transplant team is experienced and has performed many female hair transplants. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre Is specialized in performing Female Cosmetic Surgeries and Hair Transplant is one of them. Cost is one of the major factors in any hair transplant.

Female Hair Transplant Before and After

Female hair transplant

Age:27 Grafts:2800

Female Hair Transplant Cost

At Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and hair Transplant Centre cost of any Hair Transplant is dependent on the hair grafts required in the female hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is the process in which plug of hairs are taken from donor area and implanted in Bald area. It is the measurement of Bald area in female that will give idea about the number of grafts required in Hair transplantation process and accordingly female Hair Transplant cost can be calculated.

For Calculating the Number of Grafts required in the surgery you can the formula written in Section of Hair Transplant Cost. Or you can come to consult Dr Narendra Kaushik at Olmec the Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre.

Dr Narendra Kaushik Is also specialized in performing female Corrective Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair Transplant in Delhi

Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre is one of the leading cosmetic surgery and Hair Transplant Centre in Delhi with over 14 years of establishment and experience. Dr Narendra kaushik is Certified Plastic Surgeon with Awards and Certification from Many Institution for his work in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. With in house Facilities and Skilled team Olmec has earned prestige in India. Contact Dr Narendra Kaushik today for Female Hair Transplantation


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