Hair transplant is the only option for lifetime hairs. There are many questions surrounding hair restoration surgery. ”Is Hair transplant for lifetime?” is one of the common questions arising at the time of hair transplant. To get to the root of this answer we have to know about the scientific reason behind the hair transplant.

You must have experienced and seen many cases with hair loss and baldness; some have full density of hairs in their 60’s and 70’s and some experience major hair loss and become bald from the front area. Hairs from the sides and back of the head remains as it is while in some cases due to unhealthy life style density of hairs from the back and side also decreases.  Your hairs are genetically programmed at the time of your birth; this means that your pattern of hair baldness is designed at your birth.

Corrective Hair transplant2-2



The secret behind the hair transplant lies within the hairs from back and side. It doesn’t matter how much hair you have lost in the frontal area. Hairs for the hair transplantation are taken from the side and back of the scalp, Back and Side of the scalp acts as a Donor area.




These hairs form the back of the scalp are genetically resistant to the hair loss or we can say “DHT”. DHT is the hormone causing hair loss. When hairs from the back and scalp are transplanted to the front they maintain their resistance property.


Hairs that are transplanted will be there for lifetime but the problem is with the existing hairs. Some hairs that are intact while you had hair transplant will fallout eventually. Many patients complain about the hair fall after hair transplant but you have to understand this logic behind hair transplant and clarify with your hair transplant surgeon.

Transplanted hairs are for lifetime and you don’t have to worry about them. At Olmec we explain each and everything to the patients opting for hair transplant.





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