Maintaining a Professional Look in business does not only mean that one should be well dressed and have a professional look. One should be fit physically and Mentally, Well dressed and well looking. They have said that “First Impression is the last impression”. And in business deals when one fails to make an impression fails to get a deal, fails to make a business. According to USA from total 318.9 million populations the number of Men suffering from hair loss (By the age of 35) is 35 million which is 11% for total population and number of women is 21 million which 6 % of total populations. I mean that is a great number combining them makes it 17 %. I was just talking about USA. What about rest of the world? Data is not available with me. But i am quite sure this number will be huge and those who are working in corporate world show more signs of hair loss. Due to Physical stress in this environment where you should be looking fine and decent, hair loss can develop you with low confidence and enthusiasm.  Each and every time you fear about someone noticing your hair loss and baldness.


Here in INDIA we have saying that states “Having a bald area is symbol of richness”. What if you achieve baldness at an early age before you become rich? I have consulted many young gentlemen having achieved great position in market. But suffering from hair loss and feeling low due to mental stress in fast growing era. Their future is all dependent on their thinking and if they start thinking about hair loss and baldness from the time they wake to time they go to sleep. What kind of productivity they can get to the company. This is a serious problem. Ultimately baldness is being hindrance in their future development.

This is their age to achieve something. Out of 100% Hair transplant I have done in past 80% of them were aged below 30. From various field like IAS officers to software engineers, from Young doctors to Sportsmen. One should consider protecting himself from baldness as early as possible. We do provide hair restoration treatment and hair transplant at our centre in DELHI INDIA. Where you can find high number of business professionals. We have provided these business professionals with high quality hair transplant and hair restoration at an optimal price because what you earn matters. We do have low cost option for achieving optimal appearance through hair restoration for those you cannot afford high value treatments. And we provide same standard and technology that are being used in US and Europe and recently according to KPMG the medical tourism is going to cross 320 million in coming years. This means people from other nations are preferring INDIA with their treatment with skilled doctors here.


Business professionals are required to look their best in the uber-competitive world of business and hair restoration is one of the most effective strategies for achieving a youthful and professional appearance. If you’re concerned about hair loss, Olmec Cosmetic can help you achieve the youthful and vibrant appearance you desire.



Dr Narendra Kaushik


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