Before the Hair transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is common nowadays but we should not forget about the complication it can create. Here are some issues that must be cleared before the surgery.

Physical Health

Before the surgery, medical practitioner who is going to perform hair transplant surgery must examine the physical health of patient and decide the correct way to do the surgery

Medical History

Hair transplant surgeon must be aware of the medical history of the patient, Patient should always inform about the medical conditions he/she have in past. Some medical conditions can seriously influence the type of anaesthetic and antibiotics used in the surgery.

Hair examinations

Hair transplant surgeon should examine the hair density, type of skin, elasticity of the skin, Hair loss pattern, Hair loss pattern in the family and any prior medical procedure that is done before opting for hair transplant surgery. This phenomenon can drastically change the course of hair transplant procedure.

Risk in Surgery

Every surgeon must be prepared for any complication and risk involved in the surgery, though hair transplant is safe surgery but due to different medical conditions in the different patients, complication must be evaluated and told to the patient so that he/she can make their own decision.


The patient should inform about the surgeon about the medications they are taking on the regular basis, this effects the dose of local or general anaesthesia drugs used during the surgery.


Patient must inform about the type of allergy they develop with some specific type of medical drugs, for example, some people are allergic to latex so that the surgeon can avoid using latex gloves and demands for latex free gloves.

Preparing for the surgery

The final step will be to prepare for the surgery, Doctors generally provides a list to do’s and don’ts before the surgery.for example, to shave the head, get good sleep, have some light breakfast, if you are acidic take some anti-acidic tablets.



Some of the most common care and procedures are mentioned above to make patient make comfortable and ask for best care and take some precautions before the surgery.


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