Transgender Hair Transplant or Transsexual Hair transplant have a great set of challenges. Since a lot of efforts and skills are required to perform Transgender Hair Transplant, It Comes with the Experience and great team work. At Olmec we are specialized and performing transgender hair transplant for almost 14 years. Olmec is also Well Known for Other Transgender Surgeries like Breast Augmentation, and Sex Change for Male to Female Transgender and Phalloplasty, Scrotoplasty, Breast removal for Female to male Transgender. On the basis of gender Female and Male Differs in Frontal Hair line. Male have “M” Shaped Hair line while Female have “U” Pattern Hair Line.

Male to Female Transsexuals Hair Transplant

Most of the trans-women suffer from Male Pattern Baldness like Normal men due to DHT. Male pattern Baldness can be stopped by hormonal therapy in transgender. If Male Pattern Baldness is developed, the One and only solution is Having Hair Transplant. In Most of Male to Female Transsexual hair transplant is done to fill the angels and create perfect frontal hair line with the help of FUE hair transplant if the requirement of graft is less. If the requirement of Hair grafts is more than 2000, FUT hair transplant is performed

The main Goal of performing Hair Transplant in Male to Female Transgender is to create a Natural Looking Hair line giving more feminine look. Hair Transplant is performed in most of cases of male to female surgery because hair loss problems have increased due to life style factors. Dr Narendra Kaushik is certified Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon In Delhi performing transgender surgeries with 14 years of experience. Now days Hair Transplant has become one of the leading Cosmetic Surgery.  Those who have failed the hair transplant in transgender. Dr Narendra Kaushik also performs the Corrective Hair Restoration.

Procedure: At Olmec, Hair Transplant procedure can be booked by simply depositing the 30% of Surgery amount. On the day of the procedure Patient is well informed about the diet and schedule of Hair Transplant making him/her more comfortable and familiar with the procedure. Frontal Hair Line is marked by the doctor as patient looks in the mirror so desired hair line can be created with 100% satisfaction. As desired and possible hair transplant method is performed. FUT Hair Transplant or FUE Hair Transplant you can read more about these methods by clicking them. For Creating perfect frontal Hair line grafts with 1 or 2 hairs in it are placed in the front giving natural look and grafts with more than 2 hairs are used to create the Density.

Before and After Transgender Hair Transplant Male to Female

Transgender-Hair-Transplant-before Transgender Hair Transplant Before



Female to Male Hair Transplant

In Female to Male Transgender Surgery hair restoration and Hair transplant is a must for getting beard and moustaches. With a natural beard and moustaches, Transgender FTM feels complete. Hair transplant for beard and moustaches is also one of the least requested procedures although in the expertise of Dr Narendra Kaushik Hair transplant gives Natural Results.

Hair Transplant Cost for Transgender

Hair transplant cost in transgender varies from patient to patient. Hence it is important to consult Dr Narendra Kaushik for Hair Transplant and provide information regarding hair transplant. Due to this variation it is Difficult to provide a Generalized Hair Transplant cost for transgender. Even though for evaluation Olmec has given generalized hair transplant cost depending upon number of hair grafts that are transplanted.

Olmec the Premier Transgender Surgery Institute

Dr Narendra Kaushik in Delhi is experienced transgender hair transplant surgeon. At Olmec we do perform other transgender surgery for Male to Female transsexuals and Female to Male transsexuals. We understand that getting a transgender surgery is lifetime achievement for a transsexual. So the first thing is to get hair transplant consultation from Dr Narendra Kaushik to Get Hair Transplant Done and discuss your Needs. Contact Us


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  • Transgender Hair Transplant Before
  • Transgender-Hair-Transplant-before


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