Single most advanced way to tackle hair loss is hair transplant, It gives permanent and natural results, nowadays hair restoration has become easier and safer, Hair transplant gives appealing results.

Hair transplant done at Olmec gives most realistic and unnoticeable results. Hair transplant at our Centre involves using of both the hair restoration surgery methods, FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplant ) and FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction).
As you know that hair transplant involves transplanting of Hair Follicles from Donor area to Recipient area. It involves great skills and meticulous planning for transplanting hair follicles to give natural results. A number of hair grafts required for hair transplantation range from several hundred to thousands depending upon baldness pattern and hair density opted by the patient. Generally, at Olmec, we suggest having 70 grafts per square centimetre of density to give natural look.
Detailed discussion and evaluation are done before the hair transplant begins. To give the patient a perfect frontal hairline marking is done while the patient looks into the mirror. At Olmec we give the patient a hairline that matches his or her facial characteristics, forming the natural outcome.



Lifetime Solution

Hair restoration by transplant is a lifetime solution and gives an enduring solution. Hair from the back of the scalp are resistant to DHT effect and when they are transplanted in the bald area they maintain this property hence making it permanent. This phenomenon is called “Donor Dominance”. There are products that reduce the effect of DHT by blocking them Propecia and Minoxidil. But blocking the production of DHT will affect your health. DHT should be in a proper amount in the body. Hence treatment from such kind of products is not permanent.

Transplanted hairs are your Hairs

Other option then hair transplant includes using of Wig. There are disadvantages of using Wigs,

  1. Wigs may not match your natural colour. It is very difficult to find a Wig matching your natural hair colour.
  2. Wigs damage your natural hair, wearing a Wig will make your existing hair thinner and gradually they will fallout.
  3. Wigs can cause an allergy which is a most common case in its users.
  4. Wigs can cause Headache sometimes.
  5. Most frequent use of Wigs will lead to Dandruff.

There are many reasons to choose hair transplant over any other method. We have discussed few of them. In brief, we can conclude the following:

  1. Transplanted hair last long and they are resistant to “DHT” effect
  2. Using of other hair loss related products may lead to unhealthy life.
  3. Hair wigs can also damage your existing hair, while after hair transplantation the medication will make your existing hair strong.

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