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FUT Hair Transplant

In FUT Hair Transplant, A strip of hair is taken form the back of scalp (Donor Area) to prepare Hair Follicles which are then harvested in Bald Area.

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FUE Hair Transplant

In FUE Hair Transplant, With the help of robotic devices hair follicles are punched one by one from the Donor Area and then harvested in Bald Area.

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Hair Transplant Cost

Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre Provides Hair Transplant at Affordable Cost. To Calculate Hair Transplant Cost Click Here.

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Hair Transplant Results

Best Hair Transplant Before and After Hair Restoration Results with Number of Grafts Harvested, Click here to see Before and After Hair transplant results.

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Olmec Hair Transplant Centre in Delhi is One of the most Trusted names in the world of Hair transplant and Hair Restoration.


Procedure performed by Senior Plastic Surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik * 100% Natural frontal hairline without Noticeable Signs of procedure * Excellent density 70-80 grafts per sq cm * Highest possible session (giga session) using combination of FUT and FUE * Latest Bio FUE (S.A.F.E and Robotic) * Scarless (Modified Trichophytic three layered closure) and Painless FUT


About Hair Transplant in Delhi

Falling hair and subsequent bald appearance is a major concern for our body image. Not only this changes our image in the society but also in our mind. No doubt that baldness makes us shy and we hesitate to face the mirror. This becomes more obvious in social gatherings where our mind forces us to run away from being clicked for photographs. This major psychological impact takes our self confidence making us introvert and may have a major impact on work performance as well as on matrimonial aspects.

Thanks to hair restorative procedures both surgical like Hair Transplant and non-surgical like PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, stem cell therapy / mesotherapy which have made us overcome this problem.Today and day by day hair transplant is enjoying an esteemed and focused position in cosmetic surgery. This goes without saying that “Hair Restoration is one of the most common aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures performed in male population today”.

We do understand the basic principle of hair transplant – “Nobody wants to purchase disappointment”.

True objective of the hair transplant is getting results with natural appearing hair line and right density of growing lifelong permanent hairs without any signs of treatment being noticeable. Amalgamation of microsurgical techniques and skills over the last decade, has contributed greatly towards achieving complete naturalness without any side effects. With the concept of micrografts and gigasession, a greater amount of hairs can now be harvested and transplanted leading to dramatic change of self-image to a confident look.
At Olmec Institute of Hair Restoration, I personally assure you the highest quality of treatment in a safe way.

Senior Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Medical Check-up Prior to Hair tran...

Before the Hair transplant Surgery Hair transplant is common nowadays but we should not forget about the complication it can create. Here are some issues that must be cleared before the surgery. Physical Health Before the surgery, medical practitioner who

Hair Transplant Reviews

  • Experience with Olmec has been great! wonderful care by team and all staff has been very supportive.Superb! Doctor Sir with great sense of patient care and handling. Thanks! Olmec Team

    AMIT ARORA Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre
  • Today Hair Transplant of my son Ankit Rana done at Olmec Clinic. Staff level is supportive & helpful. Attendants was also helpful. Dr., who conducted the operation, was also helpful and supportive. Very good experience in the clinic.

    R.P GUPTA Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre
  • Olmec Team is very friendly, Co-operative, and professional. I really enjoy my stay during surgery and highly recommend to come here who need hair transplant or other treatments.

    KEWAL SAGAR (AUCKLAND) Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre
  • I undergone Hair transplant on 4/ 5 / 2015. I have had no pain from hair transplant and the operation was a complete success. I have found the staff at Olmec to be professional and very helpful. I was picked up from air port and left back to airport, also there was more than enough food provided and the food was good. Big thanks to all at Olmec

    ROBERT COCHRANE (AUSTRALIA) Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre

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Hair Transplant Surgeon delhi

Dr Narendra Kaushik

Internationally acclaimed Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik is Founder of Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre With an experience of over 14 years.

Hair Transplant Surgery Centre

Olmec Hair Transplant Centre

Olmec The Hair Transplant Centre is one of the leading Hair transplant centre in india with experienced Hair Restoration team and world renowed Plastic Surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik

Hair Transplant Surgery awards

Best Awards

Dr Narendra Kaushik is recepient of many prestigious awards for best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in India. One of them coming directly from the President of India SMT. Pratibha Patil (Now Former)