Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 10PM
Field FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant) FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction)
Number of Grafts can be harvested in single sitting • 4000 to 7000 Grafts • 2500 to 3000 Grafts
Recovery • 2-5 days • 2-5 days
Hair Damage Rate • 1-2% • 5-10%
Graft Quality/Yield • Robust Good Quality
• Maximum Yield Ratio
• Fragile
• Yield Ration less
Ideal Candidate • Fulfills need for lower as well as the higher grade of baldness.
• Donor sites with good density and skin laxity.
• Who don’t want to shave their head for the procedure (Especially females)
• Lower grade of baldness.
• The combination with FUT.
• Tight Scalp / low density of donor site.
• Having scar tendency / keloidal tendency.
Duration / Timing • Depending upon on the number of grafts , 4 to 8 hours even with Giga sessions. • Typically 4 to 8 hours though large sessions may require two consecutive days.
Shaving for procedure • Optional can be done without shaving. • Shaving is required.
Scars on Back side • Practically invisible.
• Scar usually is quite low and remains invisible even after thinning at a later age.
• Practically invisible small dots
• Dots on the upper side may become visible after thinning of hair.
Donor site after procedure • Normal • Shaved area will show multiple dots.
Hair Growth Success rate • 95 to 99% • 85 to 90%
Permanency /longevity of results • All are permanent • Those hairs harvested from the upper back of scalp may not be permanent.
• Owing to weak follicles and thermal damage may shed off.
Subsequent session • FUT Giga sessions possible.
• Both FUT and FUE can be done.
• Previous scars will be removed with the practically imperceptible single line.
• The second session may lead to extremely sparse density in donor site
• Grafts of poor quality owing to the previous session.