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FUT Hair Transplant done at Olmec The Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Centre are 100% Successful and effective. The Importance of FUT hair transplant is that it gives a better result than FUE hair Transplant. In FUT Hair Transplant hairs are dissected and implanted in form of individual follicles. Group of 1-4 Hair occurring naturally is called follicle. As hairs are implanted in form of follicles it gives a more natural look.


Both Methods FUT hair Transplant and FUE hair Transplant are different in form of Procedure and Transplantation. In FUE Hair Transplant Hair Follicles are directly plucked from the donor area and harvested in Bald area while in FUT Hair Transplant strip of hair follicles is taken out as a part of surgical procedure and area is closed by Trichophytic closure method so that its removes any sign of hair transplant done.  Hair Strip is dissected into follicles and follicles are harvested in the bald area giving Natural Look.

FUT Hair Transplant is 100% safe and performed by best Cosmetic Surgeon of Delhi at Olmec. Hair Transplant is mostly performed in Local Anesthesia. But if the patient insists it can also be done under general anaesthesia. FUT Hair Transplant in general Anaesthesia will increase your cost of hair transplant since it will include anaesthesia medicines.

Starting FUT Hair Transplant

Before starting FUT hair transplant a proper consent is signed by the patient when they arrive at Olmec the Hair Transplant Centre. Hair Transplant Procedure is booked in advance as a part of policy. Patient has to arrive on the day of the procedure. After the proper consent, the patient is moved to the Operation theatre. Olmec’s Operation theatre is well equipped with modern surgical facilities. While having an expert and experienced hair transplant team is benefit with Olmec.

In FUT hair transplant patient is first marked with the area where hair follicles will be implanted (Bald area) according to the need of grafts hair strip is surgically removed from the back of the scalp calculated grafts are taken out. All these is done in local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia in hair transplant

For local anaesthesia, medicines are given orally. The scalp is made numb with local anaesthetic xylocaine. Anaesthesia is monitored in scalp area throughout the surgery. Usually, Hair Transplant procedure are long and takes 5-6 hours depending on the number of grafts that are transplanted. It is necessary to monitor anaesthesia and if required it is given again.


FUT hair Transplant Donor area

In FUT hair Transplant Thin strip of Hair is surgically removed from the back of the scalp. To minimise the scar area with the maximum density of hair is stripped. The strip is usually taken from the back of scalp (Concept of donor dominance by Dr Norman in 1959). Dr Norman stated that the hereditary predisposition of hair loss resides in follicles transplant, not in the scalp.

The striped part is then put in the chilled solution of ringer lactate so that the survival rate of grafts increases. The donor area is closed with the latest Trichophytic closure technique with less than 1mm of width so that growing hair can cover up the area and makes it practically invisible for anyone to see the donor area. Since Cosmetic Surgery is involved in it, you don’t have to worry about hair transplant scar.


Dissection of strip in FUT Hair Transplant

Hair follicles are dissected in their natural form. Follicles are naturally occurring group of 1-4 hairs. Remaining tissue from the strip is discarded. Grafts are then put in a long tray in the cold solution of ringer lactate. These grafts are then harvested in the area marked.


Preparing Recipient Site for FUT hair Transplant

The most important aspect of FUT hair transplant is preparing recipient area. Recipient area is prepared by the surgeon. An incision is made for placing hair follicles. The aim remains the same giving natural and aesthetic look. An incision is made with the help of fine instrument having size 21- and 19- gauge hypodermic needles. Usually, perpendicular slits are made because it sets the angel at which the hair follicle will grow. Hair Follicles having 1-2 hairs are transplanted at frontal hair line to give natural look and hair follicles having 3-4 hair are transplanted in rest area giving perfect hair density.

Hair Follicle Transplantation

Once the recipient site is prepared hair follicles from the tray of chilled ringer lactate solution are taken out gradually and placed in the slits created as stated above hair follicle with 1-2 hairs create frontal hair line and hair follicles with 3-4 hairs will increase the hair density.


At the completion of procedure

After the completion of hair transplantation, the bandage is applied to scalp and patient is rested in the restroom and discharge summary is prepared with full explanatory of baldness and hair transplant condition before and after a hair transplant. A prescription of necessary medication is also given some medicines after the hair transplant is necessary.