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Owing to latest advances in microsurgery, the whole of discussion of hair transplantation now revolves around micrografts, more specifically in current nomenclature, follicular unit / hair graft.


On detailed evaluation, it has been found that there is a natural clustering of one to four hairs together in units. This naturally occurring clusters of one to four hairs is called follicular unit / follicular graft / hair graft.

By maintaining these follicular units during the procedure, it is clear that we get a maximum number of hairs developing from each graft, thus preserving the natural / normal structure and giving the best and more precisely natural results. Graft preparation / extraction is a key component for successful hair transplant. If the grafts are not properly prepared and not well handled, the potential success of these grafts gets compromised. One of the key components for a successful hair transplant is the preparation of robust grafts of high quality and of appropriate dimensions. By use of magnification, it is possible to meticulously define and preserve these follicular units.