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In follicular unit extraction as the name suggests, the fine instruments called fine punches (less than 1 mm, usually 0.7mm / 0.8 mm punches) are used to extract the hair follicles. After anaesthetizing the donor area, the punch is inserted into the skin all around the hair follicle carrying out the skin till the follicle root. The follicle is then separated / detached from the adjacent tissue under magnification. The direction and angle of hairs are not visible under the skin. Very often the direction of hairs under the skin is different from the direction on the surface of the scalp. Therefore it is important to maintain the proper angulation of punch, otherwise, it may severe the root of follicular unit.


The small defects left behind after the follicles are extracted, heal at their own in few days. Over the time these small dots shrink and are practically invisible.

Follicular unit extraction technique is best suited for selected groups of patients like-

  • Those who need lesser number of follicles.
  • In combination with FUT (those who want to undergo super giga session gaining a maximum number of grafts, then we combine FUT Giga session with FUE supplementation).
  • Those who have tight scalp or less density over donor area.
  • If the donor site is other than scalp like beard, chest, buttocks, thighs etc.