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Hair Transplant surgery involves transplantation of hair roots from donor (Hair Transplant Donor area) to Bald area. Hair Transplant surgery is 181 years old, first hair transplant surgery was performed in Wurzburg of Germany. However the modern hair transplant treatment were first developed in Japan in 1930 by Dr Shoji Okuda.He treated more than 200 patients for traumatic alopecia. His method involved in taking high density hair graft from donor area to correct lost hair. But unfortunately due to World War 2 his methods were not so publicized and as result hair transplant remained silent.

Hair Transplant Modern Approach

In 1959 Paper from Dr Orentreich showed the modern approach for treating androgenic alopecia.

He brought the concept of donor dominance. “Donor dominance” means when hairs from back or side are transplanted to bald area they maintained their bald resistance property and thus hair grows for lifetime in Transplanted was this paper which marked the beginning of Modern hair transplant Methods.

Until 1984 Hair Transplant was carried out by taking large grafts known as plugs. Plugs are the combination of hairs in large group. As time passed these large grafts were gradually replaced by small grafts (combination of mini and micro grafts in hair Transplantation). Mini grafts are the combination of 4-5 hairs they were used to create Fullness (High Density) where micro grafts which are the combination of 2-3 hairs used to create refined and perfect frontal hairline.

In 1990’s new methods for hair transplant evolved knows as “Follicular Transplantation”.

The ideology behind it was the same. But mini and micrograft replaced large grafts for hair transplant.

Under stereo-microscopic hairs are dissected in their natural occurring form and transplanted to the bald area. This laid the foundation for modern hair transplant Follicular Unit hair Transplantation also known as Strip method.

Hair Replacement is a well planned, skillfully, artistically, microsurgical  done procedure in which hairs from the donor area (non bald areas of head and other parts of body) are taken and transferred or transplanted into the bald area. Hair transplant is based on the similar principles like skin graft / transplant, in which skin is harvested from one part of body and transferred to the area of need.

The most important feature of a Successful Hair Transplantation involves achieving a natural appearing hairline and right density of growing lifelong permanent hairs without any signs of treatment being noticeable. Unique blend of microsurgical techniques and skills of plastic surgeon, has contributed greatly towards achieving 100 % naturalness without any side effects.
With the concept of micrografts (Follicular Units), a greater amount of hairs can now be harvested in a single session. We can put as many as 4000 to 7000 hair grafts. One hair graft / follicular unit contains 1-4 hairs, thus the total number of hairs in single giga session varies from 10000 to 15000. Megasession and gigasession aiming to cover maximum area with excellent density, is the main distinguishing feature at OLMEC.

Hair Transplant Purpose:

Scalp(Head) Hair Transplantation

To restore normal hair density to give normal youthful appearance.

Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

To give dense, thick, well-defined eyebrows, in cases of partial / complete loss of eyebrows or in persons having thin eyebrows.

Beard / Moustaches Hair Transplantation

Lost beard / moustaches e.g. after scars or burns, can be restored with the hair transplant.

Procedure of Hair Transplantation: 

This procedure is based on the fact that the hairs on back of scalp are never lost and they retain this property even after they are transplanted to any other site. The hairs from back of scalp are harvested either with FUT or FUE technique. The individual follicular unit (graft) is then dissected out under magnification carefully without damaging hair roots. The follicular units (grafts) are then transplanted with utmost care in the bald area.

hair transplant duration: 

Varies from 4 – 8 hours, depending on number of hair grafts transplanted. You may go home in the evening.

Anesthesia:  Local / General Anesthesia

Recovery Time:  Immediate

Longevity of results in Hair Transplantation:  Results are permanent. The transplanted hair roots start growing after 2 to 3 months, giving you a natural full head young look after 6 to 9 months. Resultant hairs grow in natural way and will need cutting.

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