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The goal of hair transplant is to design a hairline in harmony with the mature face and to re-establish a balance between the scalp and the other facial features, this is called face framing. It means we have to maintain the hair line which is natural and appropriate as per age of the patient. In other words, the patient should not look like a hair transplant has been done. In addition, graft direction is important for correct angulation of the individual hair consistent with its location on the hairline. The hair in the frontal area of the scalp has an anterior (forward) angulation, while the angle becomes forward and lateral on the sides.


The hair grafts needed for frontal hair line are of utmost fine quality with one or two hairs in hair follicles. Usually 250 – 500 grafts are needed for frontal hair line.
In most patients, the level of hairline in the midline should be at least 6 to 8 cm above the glabella (the point between two eyes, and on sides, it should be 9 to 11 cm from lateral angle of the eye.