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Eye brow-Hair transplantation is done to improve or recreate eyebrows.

It is aesthetically essential to follow the direction of eyebrow hairs while creating a new line. Around 150 micro grafts are usually required for an eyebrow of one side. The donor site is usually nape of the neck or temporal region (finer hairs are preferred). The rate of growth of transplanted hairs is usually faster and will need trimming from time to time.


Eyelashes – Only a few lashes are necessary to produce good results. Six to ten micrografts (with single hair) in one lid are sufficient.


Beard / Moustaches – The hairs of beard or moustaches may get lost after scars or burns or these may be naturally less dense. The density can be restored with the hair transplant. The donor site may be any other hairy part of the body like head, chest, thighs etc.


Scars / Scarred areas – Scars in hairy areas are visible because of lack of hairs in them. Scars can be made practically invisible by hair transplant procedure. Growth potential depends on the quality of scar and may need a touch-up.